Enjoying the joint sponsorship of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province, P.R. China, Guangdong Ocean University (GDOU) has been established as a provincial key institution as well as a key-discipline development institution under the Guangdong Province High-level Universities. Founded in 1935, GDOU has developed as a comprehensive oceanic university who builds up a whole awarding system for academic degrees covering the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree, and coordinates well in the multi-disciplinary development of sciences, engineering, agriculture, humanities, economics, management, law and education.

Located at two picturesque coastal cities in South China, the city of Zhanjiang and Yangjiang, GDOU is well praised as an ideal place for study, its campuses being surrounded by scenic mountains and waters. with a total of roughly 38,000 full-time undergraduates,post-graduates and international students and approximately 12,000 students in continuing education registered. GDOU, Zhanjiang has three campuses, viz. the main campus Huguang Campus, Xiashan Campus and Haibin Campus, and is academically organized into 19 colleges, including College of Fisheries, College of Food Science and Technology, College of Ocean and Meteorology, College of Coastal Agriculture, College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Marine Engineering and Energy, College of Marxism, College of Economics, College of Management, College of Mathematics and Computer Science (College of Software), College of Electronic and Information Engineering, College of Chemistry and Environment, Naval Architecture and Shipping College, College of Literature and News Communication, College of Law and Politics, College of Foreign Languages, Zhongge College of Arts, College of Sports and Leisure and College of Continuing Education. And GDOU, Yangjiang is academically organized into 5 colleges, including College of Mechanical and Energy Engineering, College of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Computer Science and Engineering, College of Food Science and Engineering, and Business School.

A Complete Range of Disciplines and Majors

GDOU is home to 3 first-class disciplines for doctoral degree (Fisheries Science, Marine Science, and Food Science and Engineering), 11 first-class disciplines for master’s degree, 12 professional master’s programs, and 83 undergraduatemajors.

Strong Teaching and Research Faculty

A total of 2343 staff work at GDOU, of which there are 1688 teachers and researchers, 677 senior professional title holders (professors and associate professors), 648 doctorate holders, 95 supervisors for PhD students and 388 for Master students, and 2 specially appointed academicians.

Excellent Teaching and Research Platforms

GDOU is home to 1 national technology innovation center, the South China Center under the National Salt-tolerant Rice Technology Innovation Center, 1 national-level experimental teaching demonstration center, the Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center ofFisheries Science and Technology, 40 provincial or ministerial-level research platforms, and 1 national-level teaching base for off-campus internship.

Complete, Abundant Facilities

GDOU is well-equipped with teaching buildings, sci-tech buildings, libraries, gymnasiums, museum, university history museum, student dormitories, canteens, a stadium, standard swimming pools and a user-friendly campus network, etc.

Fruitful Outcomes in Science & Technology Innovation

Over the past five years, GDOU has undertaken 1956 scientific research projects supported by the National Key R&D Program of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National Social Science Fund of China, etc., and chaired 1 key project under the National Natural Science Foundation of China and 1 project under Guangdong Province Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, which are major breakthroughs in GDOU history.Among all these achievements, there are 217 national-level projects totaling RMB 940 million yuan of research funds, 1595 patents granted, 166 textbooks and/or writings, 1116 copyrights on software, and 6744 academic articles (1455 published in Science Citation Index, Engineering Index, and Conference Proceedings Citation Index-Science).

Proactive International Exchanges & Cooperation

Aimed at meeting major demands of our country and Guangdong Province and promoting strategic cooperation with universities and research institutes in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and abroad, GDOU has built up close ties with over 50 universities and research institutes from the US, Russia, Japan, South Korea, the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, etc. in academics, personnel training, research, etc.



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