Amazing Zhanjiang City


Sitting in the southernmost tip of mainland China, Zhanjiang, a scenic coastal city, is blessed with a non-winter weather.


Zhanjiang City is proud of its three-dimensional transportation hub which is home to Zhanjiang Port (natural deep-water port), Xuwen Port (the world's largest cargo-passenger ro-ro terminal), Zhanjiang Wuchan Airport,the Bay Bridge, etc., enjoying convenient transport networks.

 Zhanjiang Port                                                                                     Port Xuwen Port

The Bay Bridge at Zhanjiang                                                                       Zhanjiang Wuchuan Airport


As a well-known coastal city in China, Zhanjiang is dubbedCity of Gastronomy for Seafood and Chinese City of Prawn.


The two Maar lakes, located at the Huguangyan World Geological Park, Zhanjiang and Eifel, Germany respectively, have been set sister lakes by the governments of China and Germany. Many islands surround Zhanjiang, such as Naozhou Island who boasts the Naozhou Lighthouse, one of the three world-renowned lighthouses (the other two are the ones in London, the UK and in Cape of Good Hope, South Africa). Zhanjiang is full of beautiful gardens, including the China-Australia Friendship Garden, the Long Corridor for Sea Watching, etc.

The Huguangyan Maar Lake                                                                          Naozhou Island



1 Haida Rd. Mazhang Dist. Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province 524088, P.R. China




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