Undergraduate Programs

 (Teaching in Chinese Only and 4 years)

College Majors Tuition /year/person College Majors Tuition /year/person
College of Fisheries Aquaculture RMB ¥20000 College of Economics Economics RMB ¥18000
Marine Fisheries Science and Technology RMB ¥20000 International Economics and Trade RMB ¥18000
Aquatic Animal Medicine RMB ¥20000 College of Management Public Affairs Management RMB ¥18000
Bioscience RMB ¥20000 Public Administration RMB ¥18000
College of Food Science and Technology Food Science and Engineering RMB ¥20000 Land Resources Management RMB ¥18000
Business Administration RMB ¥18000
Food Quality and Safety RMB ¥20000
Accounting RMB ¥18000
Bioengineering RMB ¥20000 Financial Management RMB ¥18000
Tourism Management RMB ¥18000
College of Coastal Agriculture Animal Science RMB ¥20000 College of Literature and News Communication Chinese Language and Literature RMB ¥18000
Veterinary Medicine RMB ¥20000
Horticulture RMB ¥20000 Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages RMB ¥18000
Landscape Architecture RMB ¥20000
Forestry RMB ¥20000
Plant Protection RMB ¥20000 Secretarial Science RMB ¥18000
Agronomy RMB ¥20000 Journalism RMB ¥18000
Biotechnology RMB ¥20000 Editing and Publishing RMB ¥18000
College of Mathematics and Computer Science Information and Computer Science RMB ¥20000 College of Law and Politics Law RMB ¥18000
Politics and Administration RMB ¥18000
Sociology RMB ¥18000
Computer Science and Technology RMB ¥20000
Software Engineering RMB ¥20000 
Internet Things of Engineering RMB ¥20000
Information Management and Information Systems RMB ¥20000




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