Mrs. Tatiana Kostenko

    Mrs. Tatiana Kostenko was born in 1968 in Voronezh, in the Central Federal District of Russia. At the age of 6, she began studying piano at a music school. In 1983, she entered the music college and studied with professors O. Tolmacheva and I. Serbinsky. Then in 1987 she entered the Tchaikovsky National Conservatory of Ukraine to study with Professor A. Roschina. In 1990, she played with the Symphony Orchestra of the Kiev Music Academy under the conductor of the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra R. Kofman. They performed Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No.1 at the anniversary festival dedicated to Prokofiev's music. In the same year, Tatiana went to the Tambov Rachmaninov International Advanced Training Courses, during which she took master classes from Professor A. Alexandrov of the Gnessin Moscow Music Institute in Russia. In 1992, Tatiana graduated from the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine and created a piano duet with her husband Alexey Kostenko. Since 1994, she has been studying at the graduate school of the National Academy of Music of Ukraine in the class of Professor L. Tsvirko. During the same period, she repeatedly took master classes from professors of the Moscow Conservatory - Alexander Bakhchiev and Elena Sorokina, known as the “Golden Piano Duet of Russia". And then, together with her husband Alexey, she received awards at two of the most prestigious international piano duet competitions in Europe and the United States: the Reading-Pietta International Piano Duet Competition in Prague (Czech Republic) in 1995 and the Murray Dranoff International Double Piano Competition in Miami, USA in 1995. In the same year they became members of the Japanese (Tokyo) Association of Double Pianists. She also received the Swiss “Special Clavish Record Award” and was invited to perform in Europe, Russia, China and many other countries.

    Mrs. Kostenko graduated from the Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine in 1997. Since 1997, she has been teaching at the Tchaikovsky National Conservatory of Ukraine and the National University of Arts of Ukraine. In 1998, she was included in the book "The Best Pianists of Ukraine". In 2004, the piano duo Tatiana and Alexey Kostenko was invited to China to teach at Zhongge College of Arts, Guangdong Ocean University, where they continue to work successfully. Professor Tatiana Kostenko and her husband annually conduct academic lectures, master classes and double piano concerts in many places in China and Hong Kong, including the Voice of Kawai Double Piano Concert, the Kowloon Binjiang Piano Festival, the New Year's Piano Concert at the Chongqing Huangjiuping Piano Museum and so on. The works they perform not only have a rich authentic Russian style, but also include a wide range of styles and genres, such as classical, romantic, modern and modern music of the 21st century. Each concert of the Kostenko duo can explode with bright sparks, unforgettable and widely appreciated. Since 2010, Professor Tatina has been invited for many years as a judge of many piano competitions in the country and abroad, including Hong Kong “Memorial List Award”, The International Open Final of the Chopin Piano Competition, competitions for studying at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Russia and the St. Petersburg Conservatory, the International Piano Competition, Germany Stichel International Piano Open and so on. Both in teaching and in evaluation, they adhere to a very responsible and conscientious attitude towards students. Over the past 20 years, Professor Tatiana Kostenko has trained many outstanding students who have been accepted for further study in Central Conservatory of Music, Chinese Conservatory of Music, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Glinka Moscow Conservatory of Music, Tchaikovsky Ukrainian Conservatory of Music, Kharkiv University of Arts of Ukraine, Odessa Conservatory of Music of Ukraine, Duke University of the United Kingdom, University of the Arts Zurich, Switzerland, USA, Austria and other famous music schools. She also trained several outstanding young piano teachers for Zhongge College of Arts, Guangdong Ocean University.



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