Ms. Barbara Kaiser

    Ms. Barbara Kaiser, a Canadian national, has been employed by Guangdong Ocean University as an English teacher since February 1992. It is in this ordinary but sacred job; she has been working hard for more than ten years and has made outstanding contributions to the education of Ocean University.

    Ms. Kaiser graduated from Vancouver University in Canada and has studied or taught in England, Germany, and Italy, but she was not attracted to the superior living and working conditions in developed countries and was attracted to China and vowed to follow the example of Dr. Bethune and devote herself to the education career in China. In February 1989, with a simple bag on her shoulders, she embraced her lofty ideals and aspirations and set foot in China, the land of her dreams, to devote her passion and wisdom without regret. In March 1992, she came from Shenyang College of Construction and Engineering to the former Zhanjiang Fisheries College, where she was needed more than ever, and has never thought of returning to her hometown.

    For 20 years,Ms. Kaiserhas played an active role in promoting classroom teaching, English language training, English culture and academic lectures, teacher training and hosting English corner activities.

    While Ms.Kaiseris committed to improving the teaching of English to her students, she also never forgets to improve the overall English proficiency of her teachers. To this end,Ms. Kaiserhas volunteered to teach the English Speaking Improvement Class for young teachers, and holds weekly English teaching seminars for the English Department to teach English teaching methods and experiences. In addition, she often accepts invitations from her peers to teach with Chinese teachers, introducing the culture and customs of the UK, US and European countries, which is very popular among students.

    She is particularly fond of Chinese traditional culture, especially calligraphy, painting and taijiquan, and has made many Chinese friends during her cultural interactions, with whom she has formed deep friendships. She lived a simple life, never caring about personal gains and losses, and was very supportive of public welfare. When she learned that a children's welfare fund had been established in Zhanjiang, she took the initiative to contact and donate to it. She also insisted on making annual donations to the China Youth Development Fund, each time amounting to more than 500 yuan, and also in various donation relief activities.

    Because of her special contribution to the people of Zhanjiang and her great efforts and great achievements, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Higher Education awarded her the honorary title of "Excellent Award for Foreign Teachers' in May 1996. In 2001, Zhanjiang Municipal People's Government awarded her "Honorary Citizen". In 2005, she was awarded the "South Guangdong Friendship Award" by the Guangdong Provincial People's Government. On October 24, 2005, Ms. Kaiser attended the large-scale public welfare activities of "First International Chongyang Festival in China" in Beijing, and on May 20, 2014, she was appointed as a "Lifetime Teacher" by Guangdong Ocean University. On June 6, 2014, she was granted permanent residency in the People's Republic of China.



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