Dr. Xu Jianjun

    Dr. Xu Jianjun is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Guangdong Ocean University, the director of the South China Sea Institute of Marine Meteorology, the chief scientist of the Marine Meteorology Research Center of the Shenzhen Research Institute of Guangdong Ocean University, the reviewer of major projects of the National Foundation of China, the member of the Fifth Professional Committee of Tides and Sea Level of the Chinese Ocean Society, and the member of the Academic Steering Committee of the Joint Meteorological Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China - National Meteorological Administration. He is a high-level top-ranking leader of Guangdong Ocean University introduced from the United States in 2016, a shortage top-ranking talent of Guangdong Province Yangfan Plan, a high-level talent of Guangdong Province overseas and a leader of Guangdong Province Marine Meteorology Innovation Research Team. He was a Research Professor of George Mason University, a Senior Researcher of JCSDA, a Scientific Advisor of the Joint Research Center for Atmospheric Satellite Data Assimilation of the U.S. Air Force Weather Bureau in the U.S., and a Research Fellow of City University of Hong Kong. He has been awarded the first Jiangsu Young Scientist Award, the 4th Jiangsu Youth Science and Technology Award, the Tu Changwang Youth Meteorological Science and Technology Award, the National Outstanding Young Teacher Award, and the title of Cross-Century Talent by the Jiangsu Provincial Organization Department.

    His research interests include climate change and marine meteorology, including numerical model development and climate model assessment, typhoon mechanism and prediction, and sea-air interaction. His 32 years of work and study experience include 14 years in China, 2 years in Hong Kong and 16 years abroad. Since he joined Guangdong Ocean University in 2016, he has chaired the National Natural Science Foundation of China project "Exploring the impact of satellite data assimilation on typhoon forecasting in the South China Sea region based on improved sea-air coupled model" ,the National Key Research and Development Project "Monitoring and early warning of major natural disasters and prevention" "Remote Sensing and Telemetry Data Assimilation Technology" and the sub-project of "Pan-Third Pole Environmental Change and Green Silk Road Construction" Research on environmental protection and forecasting technology for key routes and ports in the Indian Ocean" under the National Key Research and Development Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Class A). He led the South China Sea Institute of Marine Meteorology of Guangdong Ocean University to lead or participate in more than 30 national or provincial projects. He has published nearly 200 papers in Nature Communication, J. Climate, J. Geophys. Res., Geophys. Res. Letter, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, etc.,nearly 100 SCI or SCIE articles among.





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