Dr. Mayakrishnan Machendiranathan

    Full name: Mayakrishnan Machendiranathan

    Title: Dr.

    Position: Research scientist

    Nationality: Indian

    Major (Laboratory name):

    1. Laboratory for Coastal Ocean Variation and Disaster Prediction.

    2. Key Laboratory of Climate, Resources, and Environment in Continental Shelf Sea and Deep Ocean.

    *College of Ocean and Meteorology

    E-mail: machendiranathan@gdou.edu.cn; machendiranathan@gmail.com

    ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4481-2188


    Masters (Integrated course 3+2 years), Ocean Science and Technology - (OGPA - 8.06) 2005 to 2010, CAS in Marine Biology, Annamalai University, India

    1. Courses included: Physical, chemical, biological oceanography and remote sensing techniques with GIS applications in marine sciences

    2. Dissertation: “Monthly variations of tides at Chennai & Cuddalore coast using harmonic analysis”  .

    Ph.D., Ocean Science and Technology (Awarded) 2010 to 2015, CAS in Marine Biology, Annamalai University, India

    Working experience

    I worked on “Substratum preference, resilience of new recruits and reef connectivity model in predicting coral larval distribution along the Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve” Indian coral reef ecosystem.

    1. Trend in coral-algal phase shift and substrate preference coral recruits

    2. Resilience of coral recruits against bleaching, macroalgae proliferation and sedimentation load

    3. Predicting coral larval reef connectivity model in Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve, India

    Activities in GDOU:

    1. Course assistance from 2019 to 2022

    2. Doing coral culture experiments on microplastics ingestion, and climate change studies.

    Conference presentations

    1. Paper presented at World Marine Science And Technology Conference 2020 – entitled “Oceanographic observations in the Chine coral reefs” on August 11-13, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qingdao.  

    2. Paper presented at South China Annual Meeting 2019, title on ‘review on environmental oceanography of corals’ in the South China Sea (SCS), on October 23-25, at Institute of Deep-Sea Science and Engineering, CAS, Sanya Island.  

    3. Research title on tropical cyclone directional dynamics over the Paracel group of reef islands presented in the workshop on “Multi-scale process in the South China Sea” on May 21-26, 2019 at Guangdong Ocean University.

    List of publication

    1. Machendiranathan, M., Hu, Y., Chen, W., Tan, A., Xie, L., Chen, F., Jin, G., Ranith, R.P. and Senthilnathan, L., 2022. Consequences of anthropogenic activities and beach dynamics on vertical distribution of microplastics in the mid-intertidal sediments of Donghai Island, China. Water Science & Technology86(6), pp.1342-1357.

    2. Machendiranathan, M., Ranith, R., Senthilnathan, L., Saravanakumar, A. and Thangaradjou, T., 2020. Resilience of Coral Recruits in Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve (GOMMBR), India. Regional Studies in Marine Science34, p.101055.

    3. Machendiranathan, M., Senthilnathan, L., Ranith, R., Saravanakumar, A. and Thangaradjou, T., 2017. Coral recruits settlement in gulf of mannar marine biosphere reserve, India. Regional Studies in Marine Science15, pp.10-16.

    4. Machendiranathan, M., Senthilnathan, L., Ranith, R., Saravanakumar, A., Thangaradjou, T., Choudhry, S.B. and Sasamal, S.K., 2016. Trend in coral-algal phase shift in the Mandapam group of islands, Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve, India. Journal of Ocean University of China15(6), pp.1080-1086.

    5. Ranith, R., Senthilnathan, L., Machendiranathan, M., Thangaradjou, T., Sasamal, S. K., & Choudhury, S. B. 2017. Mapping sites of reef vulnerability along lagoons of Lakshadweep archipelago, Indian Ocean. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment189(10), 494.

    6. Vajravelu, M., Martin, Y., Ayyappan, S., & Mayakrishnan, M., 2017. Seasonal influence of physico-chemical parameters on phytoplankton diversity, community structure and abundance at Parangipettai coastal waters, Bay of Bengal, South East Coast of India. Oceanologia.

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    8. R. Ranith, L. Senthilnathan, M. Machendiranathan, T. Thangaradjou, A. SaravanaKumar, S.K. Sasamal and S.B. Choudhury., 2016. Integrated role of SST, PAR and CDOM in summer reef bleaching during 2010 and 2011 along Lakshadweep Islands. Current Science VOL. 110, NO. 9, p 1832 – 1838,    

    9. T. Thangaradjou, M. Machendiranathan, R. Ranith, L. Senthilnathan, S.K. Sasamal, and S.B. Choudhury., 2016. Coral disease prevalence in Gulf of Mannar and Lakshadweep Islands. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, Vol.45(12), December, pp.1755- 1762.  

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